We are very happy to be launching our new online shop in the twentieth anniversary year of  trading.  We have survived recessions and the closure of our local secondary school, but Llandovery is doing its best to survive and succeeding.    It is due to frequent requests from happy customers that we have decided to delve into the eCommerce  world.  We are going live with what we feel is a good cross section of items that we have in store and will be adding much more. We are pleased to feature our own range of cards with artwork by Stella Starnes and soon to be added by Diane Fontenoy i.e. me!  There are also local landscapes photos by Diane and Andre Fontenoy. You will see we have an extensive collection of jewelry which we constantly refresh.  Also in the shop but not yet online, we have a lovely collection of Italian Linen at astonishingly reasonable prices.  These can be seen on our Facebook pages.  Feel free to phone us if you desperately need one sent out before they come online.  They are proving to be very popular.  Thank you to all our loyal customers from near and far, some very far.  We look forward to seeing you in the shop or hearing from you online. 



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