Six defined collections of different styles.  Celebrating Native American, Modern Mexican evolving contemporary and nature based designs.  Celtic Pewter, made in Wales, Sence gold and silver plated Scandinavian designs and lovely gold plated Mirabelle designs.
5 Petal Flower Studs with Tiny Pearls - cibola
Acorn Earrings - cibola
Acorn Earrings £32.30
Almond Hammered Earrings - cibola
Amethyst & Blue Topaz Multiband Ring - cibola
Amethyst Bead Liquid Silver Necklace - cibola - 1
On sale
Amethyst Drop Necklace - cibola
Amethyst Drop Necklace £30.00 £49.00
Amethyst Silver Ring - cibola
Amethyst Star Stud Earrings - cibola
Amethyst Studs - cibola
Amethyst Studs £19.00
Amos Begay Turquoise and Feather Pendant - cibola
Apple Coral Necklace - cibola - 2
Arrow Spider Opal Ring - cibola