Diane Fontenoy paints 'inner vision' paintings, based on Memories, Dreams, Reflections relating them to 'Life ,but not as we know it'. Finding this a very therapeutic break from the practicalities and pressures of 'life as we do know it'. All for fun.
Fan Tasia - cibola
Fan Tasia £2.90
Fun Time - cibola
Fun Time £2.00
Garden - cibola
Garden £2.00
Large Butterfly Card - cibola
Path - cibola
Path £2.00
Peacock River - cibola
Peacock River £2.00
Poppies - cibola
Poppies £2.00
Purple Flowers Card - cibola
Rabbit Crop Card - cibola
Red Roses Card - cibola
Saskia Doll Card - cibola
Toys - cibola
Toys £2.90